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Wed Jul 14 20:43:53 UTC 2010

--- On Wed, 7/14/10, Ben Zaiboc <bbenzai at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Ja, I am no authority on this topic, but with grass can they not devour it?
>> Do not some make brownies or something?  I think I heard of such a thing at
>> one time... spike  

>LOL. Spike, you forgot the winkicon at the end of that sentence!

>(come on, even if you've never done it, it deserves a wink)

>Ben Zaiboc

OK, ---->  {8^D.  
No jest however.  That "scene" wasn't part of my growing up years.  In the 60s in Titusville Florida, everything was space and moon and rockets and technology and such.  Everything was very GIJoe, although I didn't know it at the time.  I just assumed it was like that everywhere.  Long hair and beads were not seen.  It really was like the Merle Haggard song:
In the 70s, everything was about the local decade-long recession, families losing their homes, despair.  Ben I didn't even realize I was a redneck until I moved to Calfornia.  Damien Broderick was the first close friend I ever had who was a genuine "hippie" type, and I didn't meet him until I was in my late 30s.
So, really.  I heard that marijuana brownies existed, or rather I think I remember hearing of that from a long time ago, but if so, it seems that would be a much cleaner way to ingest that particular medication, ja?  Nein?  If one can devour that stuff, why would one make that stinky smoke and risk one's lungs?  Offlist answer OK.  I guess I could google on too.
Now of course I am a super sophisticated man of the world, having lived most of my life in this "hip" "swinging" Silicon Valley dontcha know.  It's a real "happening" kind of place, with lots of "hipsters" and such as that.
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