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2010/7/19 John Clark <jonkc at bellsouth.net>

> Although it embarrasses me to admit it, I actually find myself agreeing
> with Sarah Palin on something. She said building a Mosque right next to
> Ground Zero in New York was a "unnecessary provocation". I never thought I'd
> say this but I think she's correct; well,... I guess even a stopped clock is
> right twice a day and it is a bit rude to build a monument glorifying the
> very same fascist organization responsible for the 911 terror attacks on the
> same ground where the World Trade Center once stood before it was destroyed
> by a moronic religious philosophy. If they want to celebrate that evil
> moronic philosophy I think another place, any other place, might be more
> appropriate. It would be like building a Neo-Nazi headquarters in the middle
> of Auschwitz. It's bad taste and just isn't polite.
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