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Tue Jul 20 19:19:24 UTC 2010

2010/7/20 John Clark <jonkc at bellsouth.net>

> On Jul 20, 2010, at 2:55 AM, Robert Picone wrote:
>  no, not the same fascists
> Yes, the exact same fascists who nearly universally agree that it's a good
> thing to murder someone who writes a novel or draws a cartoon they don't
> like. The same fascists who degrade women and preach holy war. The same
> fascists who told people the lie, and actually convinced them of it, that if
> they killed themselves and committed mass murder in the process they would
> get to live for eternity in a place that sounds like Santa Claus's workshop.
> The same fascists who have demonstrated hyper sensitivity against the
> slightest criticism of their repugnant philosophy but claim to be baffled
> anyone would be upset at building, just yards from the hole in the ground
> that was once the World Trade Center, a 13 story 100 million dollar tax free
> monstrosity that they want to open on September 11 2011.
Nope, without some rather extreme stretches of the truth, these aren't the
fascists you're looking for.

> they have the support of the community
> They certainly have the support of the Islamic community and of spineless
> politically correct leaders of government that are so terrified of being
> called racist that they are willing to sanction evil.
While that may be the case, I meant the community around the planned
building site, you know, the ones who will actually be effected by the
project, not the ones who regard an arbitrary 3-block radius they are
unlikely to ever visit in an American city as Christian holyland which can
hold Churches but not mosques (There's been a mosque about 4 blocks away for
a couple decades).

The community board responsible for the area unanimously voted for it, but
of course, you know better what should be in their neighborhood than them.

> aren't said murderers and don't support them in any way.
> Not supported in any way? I guess that's why on September 12 2001 huge
> demonstrations spontaneously broke out all over the Islamic world condemning
> the hijackers. Oh wait that didn't happen.
You know what?  The Amish also didn't break out in spontaneous large
demonstrations, neither did Novascotians or the Iroquois.  Clearly all three
parties were in cahoots with the hijackers.
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