[ExI] NYT: The Technocracy Boom

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Wed Jul 21 22:42:53 UTC 2010

Reading that piece, and even more the replies to it (especially those  
selected by the editors) really makes me despair. The  
"technoprogressives" like to make fun of those who want to leave this  
planet and its problematic accumulated institutions behind, but this  
piece makes me want to join their ranks. I continue to be amazed at  
people saying that we need even more government and more complex  
regulation because markets have failed. They really believe that US  
health care and financial institutions were unregulated.

I feel sick.

Achieving radical life extension must remain the top priority. After  
that, I'm more inclined to think that developing cheaper space  
colonization tech should be number 2. (Escaping into cyberspace is  
much cheaper, but controlling forces can easily seize the computers on  
which you run your freer societies.)

Since I lack the skills to do much about those priorities (other than  
to communicate their urgency to others), I will focus on another  
priority (in some ways surely the real #1 priority): devising ways to  
get institutions and individuals to make make better decisions.


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