[ExI] Cryonics is getting weird

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	Subject: Re: [ExI] Cryonics is getting weird
	Rafal Smigrodzki wrote: 

		...If Mr Richardson's contract says he wanted his remains to
		frozen regardless of their condition, then that it what he
paid for,
		and that is what Alcor should strive to achieve.

	>...I was not saying that that was explicitly written in the
contract but that this is the clear intent.   If the contract did say pretty
much "freeze whatever whenever" then I would agree  with digging and
freezing even though it is utterly pointless to do so as far as the intent
goes.    The true intent should guide and be more explicit in the contract.
- samantha

Ja, this comment actually sounds pretty close to the general consensus.
Everyone here is squicked by Alcor having to dig up a guy who has been in
the ground for a year.  

I interpreted liberally the comments and inferred a second choice.
Samantha, from your comments, I would think it legitimate to put "Samantha's
2nd" in quadrant 4.  There were others who chose quad 4 on the basis of
contractual requirements, even if pointless and revolting for the Alcor
people.  My wife chose quad 4 for that reason alone.

There is a clear signal here that pleases me.  Since no one really opted for
quads 1 and 3, that tells me that everyone here understands that Alcor
really did all it could do, and they deserve their pay.  We extropians are
holding them universally blameless as far as trying everything to carry out
what they agreed to do.  This is extremely important, critically important
for a company doing this kind of work.



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