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>.Alan, I bet you'd have fun if you could get a head set and camera setup
like that, so you could experience such yourself.  Certainly experiencing
this would be very enlightening to everyone.

Cool idea Brent!  Rig up a hat with a rod about a meter long with a camera
on the end, out behind and above, with the output rigged to video display
glasses.  Then you could pretend to be an avatar.  And watch all the crazy
looks you would get from normal people.

>.I'm always chuckling at how people are so clueless when they talk about
having a 'spirit' or an "out of body experience' in the traditional
religious interpretation way.

I imagined myself as a disembodied spirit, but instead of an out-of-body
experience, I demon-possessed my own body.  It is kinda like The Exorcist,
only it was me in here, so it became sorta self-referential, and without all
the projectile barfing (eewww, that really turns me off.)  And I am not
really an evil spirit either, nor a saint by any means, but rather more like
half way between good and evil.  So it was like The Exorcist, except it was
self-possession by a neutral spirit.




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