[ExI] POST-SCARCITY SYMBOLS Launched (defeat despair, create utopia, share hope).

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Mon Sep 6 19:19:43 UTC 2010

 On 9/1/10 1:58 AM, Singularity Utopia wrote:
> I believe Post-Scarcity is the most important aspect of the
> Singularity (Extropy).

Unfortunately it is made up pie in the sky.  Even with MNT there is no
miraculous, inescapable and they lived happily ever after ending
coming.  There is a very slim chance that it works out really really
well for everybody and a much better chance it works out well for a
relatively smaller number.  But at no time will it be true there is an
infinite amount of everything desirable.  It is true that many things
will fall radically in cost of production (to nearly zero beyond the
matter, energy and knowledge of how the matter is arranged).  But there
is a finite amount of matter/energy and MNT machines at any time.   The
desires of humans and other intelligences will always always push beyond
the finite.   Thus there will be scarcity of some kind even if the
base-level is almost beyond imagination now.  So can we stop with the
hype?  It can especially backfire in the middle of the economic
explosion likely in the next few years.

> Awareness of forthcoming Post Scarcity is exceedingly important during
> this insecure economic era (2010). Simple awareness of Post-Scarcity
> on a global scale has the potential to eliminate enormous suffering.
> Post-Scarcity awareness could also massively increase popular support
> for the Singularity/Extropy.

It also has the potential to make many that are or will be suffering
economically think they have been robbed of a glorious future by all the
usual suspects.  Those suspects seldom include the real monster that
limits human freedom and progress but I won't go into that right now. 
We live increasingly in an entitlement environment.  Tell the people
they are entitled to endless milk and honey and they will rip you to
shreds when anything else occurs.  At the best  H+ will lose a lot of
credibility when it doesn't quite work out that way.  Trod carefully.

> I have created some International Post-Scarcity symbols for people to
> share:
> http://singularity-2045.org/POST-SCARCITY.zip
> http://singularity-2045.org/post-scarcity-hope-science-technology-vanquish-despair.html
> <%20http://singularity-2045.org/post-scarcity-hope-science-technology-vanquish-despair.html>
> Consider the power of positive thinking."Hope" can make the world a
> better place if enough people are hopeful. Imagine being locked in a
> hotel for two weeks with 100 psychopaths or 100 hopeless depressives.
> Imagine what type of social interactions/culture would occur in such a
> situation. The psychopaths may try to kill you and the depressives
> could make you feel very depressed.
There is very little power in positive thinking without clear,
consistent, effective action.  You can think positive all day long and
get nowhere.   You can think positive about something that in reality is
impossible and work really hard to get it and you will still,
guaranteed, fail.  The utter and complete end of all scarcity is one of
those things that are contrary to reality.

> Now imagine living in a world full of despairing people without any
> hope for the future. If those despairing people could be given hope
> you could change their interpersonal/social/cultural
> reactions/actions. If you change enough minds you can change the world..
Then give them honest real hope rather than pie in the sky utopias.

> Optimism (expectations of utopia) can eliminate hate and misery
> because people change their behaviour according to their outlook.
This has been claimed so many times and has led to so much hatred and
misery.  It does not work. 

I sympathize.  Who doesn't want glorious Good News to believe in and
spread?   Been there and frankly I miss it.  But I cannot rationally
claim such is true and if I can't honestly believe it I sure as hell
can't sell it.

- s

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