[ExI] Privacy vs the future

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 11:52:56 UTC 2010

On 9/7/10, samantha wrote:
> Well, I would like to say that this sort of classist talk has no place
>  in a free market or a free country.  But then I remember that we have
>  neither.  But it is not the "rich" that are the enemy.  It is the
>  government that produced the economic conditions we have now by
>  expanding without limit, making credit really really cheap, and
>  insisting banks make mortgages with people that could not afford them
>  with government tacitly or implicitly guaranteeing them.   Yes there
>  were various private parties that took advantage of the mess.  But they
>  were not its creators.  Before they could buy favors their had to be a
>  bloated government with runaway power to produce favors to sell.   If
>  you want out of this mess do not play the old "soak the rich" theme
>  while giving the true enemy of your well being , the government, even
>  more power over even more of the economy.  If you want a viable economic
>  future start demanding separation of government and economy.

I agree that the super-rich have taken over the US government and use
it to increase their wealth and power.

But your hatred of government is leading you away from the real
criminals. They will use any means available, be it huge corporations,
governments, state legislatures, whatever is convenient. You can't do
big projects without big organisations and any of them might be taken
over and misused. (As they have been).

Your proposal of abolishing big government and reverting to local
tribal councils is no way to run a modern nation and will cause even
more problems.  Ever seen the morass of local politics?

> BS.  That is not how it is today at all.  You know it. I know it.
>  Freedom is not having half of all you earned taken away.   Freedom is
>  not being threatened with prison or thrown into one for crimes that
>  aren't crimes at all.

'freedom' was in quotes because we only have an illusion of freedom
provided by the super-rich to keep us quiet while the nation is robbed
blind. Try and break the illusion and you'll be in trouble.


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