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Dear Samantha, and others, a primitive brain naturally has a poor grasp of 
possibilities. Primitive brains naturally grasp reality poorly. A good example 
of how brainpower limits comprehension is this: imagine a human trying to 
explain to a cat or dog the nature of nanotechnology and how nanotechnology 
could make it easier for humans to travel to the moon or to Mars. When 
super-intelligent-AI is created we will be like cats or dogs; we cannot fully 
comprehend future possibilities but with imagination we can see how our  
primitive worries will be completely solved. We will not actually  be like cats 
or dogs because we will evolve rapidly. From dogs we can transform into gods.

My example of the free Ubuntu software verses pricey MS software was an example 
of how we are moving towards Post-Scarcity... software is easily replicated and 
the limits on replication  are decreasing, we are approaching limitless software 
replication: post-scarcity. When millions of people download a video each day 
from YouTube we can see how that free data is transcending scarcity; there is a 
plentiful amount of data but it is not yet Post-Scarcity. When MNT-3D-printing 
becomes widespread, very competent, then millions of people will download 
products or food, which will be constructed via EXTREMELY efficient usage of 
resources for very little cost, this will be another step towards Post-Scarcity 
but similar to the free operating system Ubuntu it won't actually be 
Post-Scarcity but merely a step closer.

You may doubt that we will ever create a brain 12 orders of magnitude faster (or 
greater) and generally more powerful than our own brains, but when we do we will 
not be creating something different to ourselves we will be reinventing 
ourselves, we will become super-beings, we will transcend our human beginnings: 
this concept of  Transhumanism can seem weird but in 10 or 20 years  people will 
have a better grasp upon how humans are evolving. We will become super-beings if 
we want to. Sometimes it can be difficult to see how technology advances quicker 
each year and it will probably only be with hindsight that people look back to 
this point in history as a crucial period regarding accelerating change. The 
growth of processing power is accelerating. Our grasp of the world is 
accelerating. The Singularity is coming. INFINITY is entirely possible. Humans 
who wish to remain unchanged/primitive will be free to do so. There will no 
scarcity of universes where everyone can exist however they desire. Do you think 
the creation of matter and universes is difficult for a 
supremely-intelligent-being? Creating a universe would probably be as easily as 
creating a sandwich if your brainpower is sufficiently large. There will be no 
scarcity of matter. Virtual reality will become indistinguishable from reality. 
Virtual worlds and real worlds  will both be utterly controllable to satisfy the 
desires and needs of anybody and everybody. At one point in our history a 
primitive computer was the size of an entire room but today we have much much 
powerful computers that are comparatively tiny. As computing power grows our 
computers become smaller. The concept of a Jupiter sized brain (Mbrain) is a 
primitive notion because massive computers in the future will not need to 
actually be physically massive.

Humans can do impossible things. From putting men on the Moon to overcoming 
Black slavery and electing a Black President. We continually change the nature 
of what is possible. Humans can grasp reality mistakenly, therefore we may think 
our Earth is the center of our solar system or that Post-Scarcity is impossible. 
We are evolving. Keep an open mind. Reality is a bit like the scene in 
Ghostbusters where a giant marshmallow man is created.


You create the future via your desires. Your expectations skew  you perceptions 
thereby forcing you to create reality according to your expectations. Really... 
you should read up on the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy. Expect utopia. 
There are no nefarious people prohibiting Post-Scarcity. You are responsible for 
reality. You create reality. The only limit to Post-Scarcity is yourself. If you 
choose to see nefarious people in the world then that is your choice... Imagine 
you are asleep dreaming but instead of dreaming about pleasant things you dream 
about monsters, pain, and suffering. Dreams are a good example of how people 
create reality. Theoretically we have the power to dream whatever we want. Each 
night we could dream about the most fabulous utopia where we enjoy ultimate 
pleasures. Our dreams are totally inside our heads but we fail to appreciate how 
we have the reality to control our dreams, therefore we sometimes dream about 
unpleasant things. Our failure to control our dreams is similar to our control  
over reality. The world is exactly the way you want it to be (subconsciously). 
The world is your dream. I choose to dream of utopia. I know you are not 
nefarious, nobody is nefarious, and I know you will soon believe without any 
doubt that Post-Scarcity is possible.

I know you will believe that reality is infinite, without any limits whatsoever, 
because your mind is limitless. The positive feedback will feedback to create 
"eternal positivity" and the positivity will be immensely positive. The future 
will be infinitely positive.


Regarding my name I would say, what's in a name? A rose by any other name smells 
just as sweet. Utopia  is the  sweetest rose.

Believe! Dream! Seize the limitless power of reality! I know you will soon begin 
to believe in utopian Post-Scarcity. You can see it happening by 2045 at the 
latest... I know. I can see your mind changing because I see my own mind 
changing. I can see you dreaming. This is our dream. We dream of utopia! This is 
our reality. This is science. This is technology. This is existence. This IS 
reality. You are alive. 

Singularity Utopia.

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