[ExI] POST-SCARCITY SYMBOLS Launched (defeat despair, create utopia, share hope).

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Wed Sep 15 14:38:37 UTC 2010

Sorry John Grigg,

I can't offer any evidence regarding my research; it is a strictly need to know 
basis. English is my first language but due to my weariness, which causes 
occasional typos etc, I understand why you suspect not.

It is amusing and perplexing that you say I am "over the top" because the  whole 
concept of the Singularity is over the top: 20,000 years of progress at the 2010 
rate during the 21st century. A.I. is over the top, eternal life/youth is over 
the top, mind uploading, space elevators, personal nanofactories, DNA-robots, 
DNA-logic gates, meta-materials, nanosurgery, mind-reading-HCI 
space colonies... it's all way over the top! The  Singularity is not a quiet 
Sunday afternoon at the old-people's home. It's the most dramatic event in human 
history, which will radically transform the human race. Bearing this in mind I 
think we can discard straight-laced conservatism. Moderation, moderate values, 
sobriety and restraint are becoming obsolete. Imagine the changes caused by 
exponential growth when things really TAKE OFF, at rocketing astronomical 
speed?... it will truly be OVER THE TOP... a vertical takeoff at super high 
speed with no landing.

Times are changing... it is time to change your mind. The future is moving 
faster than your worldview.  

I am not a misguided dreamer. I am an exponential dreamer in sync with the rate 
of progress.

"The odds" are a funny thing; even if you doubt my assertions regarding my 
currently unprovable credentials, you should bare in mind that a significant 
amount of people can beat the odds. I like the phrase you used "egotistically  
out of control" because that is a great reflection regarding how the Singularity 
will appear. Imagine a brain one billion times greater than a human brain, such 
a brain would appear egoistically out of control to a human in the year 2010.

Here is a nice heartwarming news report regarding a newborn baby beating the 


I don't personally know Eliezer Yudkowsky. I have  exchanged  few emials with 
Michael Anissimov. There is nobody who can help me because I am vastly more 
advanced than any current research, and it would be useless to share my 
information at this point in time. The only help I can currently give people is 
to ask them to hang on  until 2020 at the latest, by which time my research will 
be declassified. Have faith, I will ensure utopia happens, my research will 
ensure the Singularity happens by 2045 at the latest. You can help by sharing my 
Post-Scarcity symbols. Until 2020 you should have faith and in 2020 you will 
know without doubt that Utopia will arrive by 2045 at the latest.

I am very aware of the Singularity/AI links you provided. I have a very clear 
picture of the entire Singularity movement. I suppose I began writing these 
mails for posterity, a message for future AIs yet to be born, so that they will 
understand my motives. Via my Post-Scarcity symbols and my 2045 website I also 
wanted other people to share in this message to the future, which will 
eventually be perused by AIs.

PS. Remember to share my PS symbols.

Singularity Utopia

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