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Thu Sep 16 01:56:19 UTC 2010

Dear Samantha,

We are both speculating about the future, yes? This is an obvious point but it 
must  be stressed. The future is always uncertain. Weather forecasters can be 
armed with reams of data and statistics proving when the sun will shine or not, 
but despite the meteorological 'science' of weather prediction the predictions 
can often be wrong. Forecasters can be surprised. I don't believe you have 
provided any valid data, facts, statistics, or examples to refute my viewpoint, 
but even if you did provide unquestionable proofs regarding future consequences 
of a colossal "intelligence-explosion" we would always be doubtful of the actual 
outcome until it happened.

I choose to believe in a utopia. I believe the inevitability of utopia is proved 
via the evidence of technological progress to date. The speedy growth,  the 
accelerating growth, of science-tech is before our eyes. I cited the concept of 
self-fulfilling prophecy because beliefs do have a clear impact upon future 
events therefore it is important to believe in utopia, unless you are a 
masochist or sadist and you want the future to be hell.  

Contrary to your assertion I don't think many people here have grasped the 
essence of the Singularity... infinity is possible. 

You say there is a difference between virtual reality and reality but what if it 
transpired that our universe was a big simulation: a virtual reality? I maintain 
there is no difference between sufficiently advanced virtual reality and normal 
everyday reality.

Anything is possible. Physical matter could easily be created from apparent 
nothingness if your brainpower and grasp of reality is sufficiently advanced. 
The laws of physics could easily be circumvented or even reinvented. New 
physical universes could easily be  created. All matter is simply a very 
sophisticated computer. You say virtual realities depend upon the substrate 
beneath them, but physical reality also is not a castle in the air, everything 
is connected to something else, and everything is infinite.

I know the future will be a utopia because I personally will design it. You 
underestimate my power, but I cannot prove to you yet how I will create utopia. 
You must be patient. There is no limit to the amount of computation a piece of 
matter is capable of. I have countered your arguments repeatedly to help you see 
the truth. Your failure to comprehend is frustrating, and it is amusing that you 
think my analogies are "despicable". I think you need to question the nature of 
reality... do you really know what it is? You are responsible for what you think 
you are responsible for, you can be responsible for everything or you can be 
responsible for nothing, the choice is yours.

You ask if I'm really  thinking about these issues or am I spouting what I want 
to believe. I could ask you the same, and I will also point out that there is no 
difference between thinking about something and spouting what you want to 

You ask if I know the difference between dreams and reality. You ask if I 
acknowledge a difference. Many people do not know the difference between dreams 
and reality. When people are dreaming they often think it is real and it is only 
when they awaken that they realize they were dreaming. If I fall in love with 
someone in my dreams is that love any less meaningful than love in waking life? 
If I feel pain in a dream it is the same feeling of pain I would feel in the 
real world. Dreams and reality are like virtual and real worlds. All worlds are 

You say I'm coming off as being a mystic. What is this word "mystic"? I have 
never heard of this word before; is it a word to describe reality, existence? Is 
life mystical? If  life is not mystical then perhaps the word should be expunged 
from existence? Are you a mystic? I know you believe our minds are limitless 
therefore perhaps this is why you refer to me being a mystic?

Everything is grounded in reality because everything is real therefore 
everything is science, technology, and existence; best of luck with that.

Singularity Utopia.

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