[ExI] A dispassionate examination of being an upload.

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Sat Sep 18 14:25:01 UTC 2010


>> om

> om?

It's a bad habit if mine that goes back to the '90s. Since then I've
built up a personal essay form around it. The 'om' itself serves two
purposes, first being a simple section separator, the second being a
plea to the reader to meditate on the ideas I'm sharing. Clearly I
wasn't expecting it to be as distracting as it obviously is... =(

>> Just as uploaders have declared the POV-self to be irrelevant

> I have no idea what you mean, my uploader credentials go back over 15
> years and I certainly don't think the POV of a person, or of a upload,
> or of a person who is an upload, is irrelevant.  

You do too believe that the POV-self is irrelevant iff you are a
destructive brain uploader. You can't have it both ways.

>> Many people try to pretend that by uploading the uploads will be able
>> to escape from selective pressures.

> I don't see why an uploader, or anyone for that matter, would be so
> stupid as to pretend selective pressures can ever be ignored. 

Actually, most of them exude an aura that strongly indicates that they
think that everything after becoming an upload will be nothing but
buttercups and daisies.

>> In uploads, the only source of variation between mem-selves will be aging.

> Nonsense, with uploads intelligent design will be important and that
> would work much much faster and better than the evolutionary process as
> it has been known up to now. 

Just as we have found it easy to produce AGI architectures from scratch?
Do you really think that only an instant after the first person is
uploaded, he will immediately become a grand master at brainhacking?

>> each such change will almost certainly require a reboot of the
>> simulator and thus a generation of a new POV-self.

> Why? If you are inactivated for a billion years and then restarted from
> your POV nothing has happened to you but the external universe has
> suddenly jumped forward a billion years.

That would be stupid because you would be effectively dead during that
time and someone would likely come around to make you fully dead...

Actually it depends on what you mean by "restarted". If you clear out
too much state then you are rebooting a new POV-self. (using the
definitions of the article I referred to).

>> om

> om?


>> It should be noted that an AGI mem [...]

> I really don't see what Adjusted Gross Income has to do with what we
> were talking about, or maybe you meant the American Geological Institute
> or Analytical Graphics Incorporated. 

It's the Great/Powerful/benevolent/all-knowing/all-wise GOERTZEL's term,
"Artificial General Intelligence". I had assumed everyone on this list
was familiar with it.

>> It should be noted that this option is available to non-uploaded
>> humans with only a neural interface.

> I don't see why something that isn't true should be noted.

Now that's fascinating! Why on earth do you think a neural interface
CAN'T be used for mind-melding with an AGI architecture? After you've
explained that, explain why that same explanation does NOT also apply to
uploaded minds.

>> Another factor that is widely ignored is the compatibility with the
>> given mem-self genome with what has been called it's "exoself". Exoself
>> software will be written by a specific personality type. This exoself
>> will benefit mem-selves with a compatible personality type. It is almost
>> certain that a given exoself software will be incompatible with other
>> personality types and specific individuals. These individuals, will be
>> effectively crippled as uploads 

> I have no idea what that means.

You haven't been doing your meditations. =( (om)...

Answer honestly: Is your proficiency with all software the same as
everyone else's? I, for example, can't stand vi, other people can't get
enough of it. Many people are unable to adapt to new software, other
people are generally able to adapt but simply can't get the hang of
certain packages on account of their personality type. Today, these
differences can be ignored or worked around. Kdevelop 4 sucks for some
reason (even though kdevelop 3. was very very good), today I have the
option of using Netbeans, which is also extremely good. However, in the
case of uploads, in the early stages at least, there will be a very poor
selection of software. If that software is a poor match with your mind,
you'll be at a severe disadvantage. If the other software becomes
mainstream, your competitive position will continue to deteriorate
because even if you manage to write an alternative package, it will not
have the developer support of the mainstream package and will be stuck
perpetually two or three generations behind the capabilities of the
mainstream package that you still have trouble using. Minds that fail to
compete at all will be pushed off the network and will, at best, be
stuck as an archive file on tertiary storage somewhere.

Powers are not rights.

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