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I don't know if Outloading has been taken, but your scenario is almost the
exact plot of the Odyssey 5  TV series by Manny Coto. .. ablainey
Cool.  From Wiki, looks like Odyssey 5 was mostly a Canada thing, with
episodes on Showtime.  I never had Showtime, never heard of Odyssey 5 until
you cited it.  Good eye, Al!
I suppose the idea of outloading is obvious, and is likely in the SF
literature all over the place independently.  Perhaps Damien knows, he being
one of the foremost local experts in the genre.
With the notion of outloading, the motive for the outloads keeping us in
carbon form (at their own expense in a sense) is not really in sympathy with
us, but rather in a desire to learn from us.  Humans have little sympathy
for bugs (well, I do, but normal humans not so much).  Humans definitely
demonstrate sympathy for birds however, and go to great lengths to watch and
protect them.  So the outloading notion rests on the idea that humans in
carbon form are analogous to birds, and continue to be able to do some
interesting things that the AI cannot do, but wants to understand.


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