[ExI] Best metric for gauging progress towards the singularity?

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> Subject: [ExI] Best metric for gauging progress towards the 
> singularity?
> This is my first post here. A link to a video from The Onion:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdCnUCN83-k
> Watch the ticker at the 1:00 mark.
> That was the fun part...

Thanks for the Onion link Omar.  Plenty of good geek humor in that one.

>...I look at the Singularity as the next 
> step in evolution  following, roughly, a chain like this:
> chance outcomes 			(early RNA formation...
> ...
> engineering ourselves			(Singularity!)
> How fast can we adapt to change? And how well can we engineer it?...
Regards, Omar Rahman

This rough outline is good, and illustrates in a way a comment I made last
week.  We should work on these kinds of roadmaps, for they have value.  What
I have been recognizing (to my distress) recently is that the time
associated with these steps is completely unpredictable.  Even if these
steps take place more or less in order, we have no way of guessing how long
any of the steps will take.

So far, we are sketching a map with no scale.  I have no suggestions on how
to derive a scale.

Welcome Omar.  Tell us something about Omar if you wish.  {8-]


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