[ExI] san jose tech museum's take on the singularity

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	>...Thanks, Spike. Sounds like the Tech Museum folks are unfamiliar
with the literature... 

Amara Angelica!  Long time no see pal!  Glad to see you are still around.  I
do hope all is well with you young lady.  {8-]

	>...such as The Singularity Is Near, which does not limit digital
innovations to Moore's law, but instead posits progress as a sequence of
S-curves for different paradigms, as noted in


Ja, one thing that made me a little squirmy about their comment (one of
several) is that it kinda makes it sound like the singularity is related to
computer speed, or that is somehow will take the place of progress, or that
light speed is a fundamental limit that we are just now reaching.  The
comment at the Tech didn't demonstrate any real understanding that I can
see.  One of the things Eliezer managed to fully convince me: the
singularity is not strictly dependent on faster computers, or even more
computers, but rather something else entirely, which could operate perfectly
well with current computer hardware and networking technology.

If I misunderstand this point, do feel free anyone here to explain where I


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