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 Quite astounding and very shocking.
Not so long ago I said the most truly altruistic thing any person can do is commit suicide. In the cold harsh light of seeing this post, my statement sits heavy in my heart. 

 Although I still stand by it, the reality of a person taking their own life is always shocking, saddening and leaves me cold. I hope I don't find my own words in his note; perhaps he came to the same conclusion?
My fear is that others will imitate this tragic event.





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This whole event just astounds me!  I wonder to what extent Mitchell
Heisman's final words to humanity will influence the coming years...


‎"Last week, a man shot himself dead on the steps of Memorial Church
in Harvard Yard, leaving behind a 2000 word book suicide note on the
Singularity, Judaeism, and Nihilisim, apparently carrying out his act
as the final test of his philosophy." -Joseph P. Jackson


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