[ExI] san jose tech museum's take on the singularity

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Sep 27 06:44:44 UTC 2010

> ...On Behalf Of John Grigg
> Subject: Re: [ExI] san jose tech museum's take on the singularity
> Spike, perhaps you and other transhumanists could light a 
> fire under the Tech Museum to get them to do a special 
> presentation about the Singularity and Ray Kurzweil?  And 
> perhaps Mr. Kurzweil could even help fund the thing...
> John  : )

I would be willing to contact the Tech, but I wouldn't ask Ray to kick in
funds.  He has been faaaar too generous with us already.

We had something several years ago, and I don't even remember what it was,
some local singularity event.  John Smart and Eliezer were speaking, and Ray
flew in from back east and gave a talk.  Anyone here remember what that was,
or when?  Or where?  Stanford?  One of Eli's schmoozes?  I might have it in
my notes.  Amara?

In any case, Ray's son was graduating as I recall, and Ray had to miss part
of the festivities to fly out for this event.  Afterwards we were talking,
and I kept getting subtle vibes that Ray just really felt he shoulda stayed
home for that one.  It was a good conference as I recall, and the
singularity is near and all that, but honest to evolution my good friends,
the truth is that family comes first.  Even if one is a monster brain like
Ray Kurzweil, do let us face it with all sober honesty: the singularity
might or might not be all that near.  But family is here and now, and gone
far too soon.

Thanks Ray, for all you do and all you have done.



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