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	On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 9:08 AM, Natasha Vita-More
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		>>...What a great idea. (Thanks for thinking of me Amara.)
	>...Going in through the "front door" - info at thetech.org or
408-294-8324  -
	should work, if you identify yourself as having an exhibit and a
funding source...
	The money is likely to be a key thing.  The Tech, like many similar
organizations right now,
	is strapped for cash...  Adrian

I would propose something very modest: merely a one for one replacement for
that one panel I posted yesterday, that photo which has the text

Breaking the Law
Progress has limits; electricity can't go
faster than the speed of light, for example.
Moore predicts that digital innovations
will soon slow.  Others, however, foresee a
singularity, when rapid technological shifts
make the world unpredictable.

If we were to come up with a replacement panel with approximately that
amount of text, and actually make the panel, print it, laminate it, mount it
on styrofoam, stick velcro on it and hand it to them as a one for one
replacement, that would be a first step, ja?  I would be willing to approach
them with the replacement panel if we were to agree on the verbiage.  

The local Michael's Art Supply does that kind of work, and I have had work
done satisfactorily there before (mounted a periodic chart and a portrait of
Richard Feynman as wall decorations for my home, in case there was ever any
doubt this is a geek's den.)  Something this size (B size) wouldn't cost
much, fifty-ish bucks perhaps.  I am an out-of-work rocket scientist, so I
don't want to spend money.

The Tech has the panel with a three word title and thirty five words of
text.  How do we explain the singularity to the non-geek proletariat in
about 35 words?  Picture?  Countersuggestion?  


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