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On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 9:08 AM, Natasha Vita-More <natasha at natasha.cc>wrote:

> What a great idea. (Thanks for thinking of me Amara.)
> Anyone have a connection with the museum?  I'll check my resources as well.
> We would need a curator / editor.  I can't think of anyone better than
> Amara
> for this. We also have great connections in the art world through Roy
> Ascott
> http://artsci.ucla.edu/?q=people/roy_ascott (former Dean of the Art
> Institute (SF) (and is my phd advisor)).

I've had tentative connections with them, being a donor of theirs, but don't
ask me for
introductions.  Going in through the "front door" - info at thetech.org or
408-294-8324  -
should work, if you identify yourself as having an exhibit and a funding

The money is likely to be a key thing.  The Tech, like many similar
organizations right now,
is strapped for cash.  If you can set it up so that they don't have to pay
much beyond their
normal expenses (facilities, security, advertising, etc.), and give them
quality content, they'll
likely be receptive.  Bonus points if you can identify a funding source that
would defray even
their normal expenses, other than attendees coming to see the exhibit (which
they count on
in the first place, thus the need for quality content).  Think of it as
buying an unusual form of

Of course, no one's made of money, but you should count on paying for
building the exhibits
and transporting them to (and, eventually, from) the Tech.  Beyond that
would be pure
speculation on my part, but
http://www.si.edu/opanda/Reports/EXCost.pdfshould prove
enlightening.  (It's for the Smithsonian, but they're comparable.  In fact,
you might consider
making this a traveling exhibition, using the Tech and the Smithsonian as
museums, then adding in any other museums that might be receptive, the
spending a few months to a year at each one.)
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