[ExI] Mind uploading via Gmail

Adrian Tymes atymes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 15:40:08 UTC 2010

"2) AI-based mindware technology able to reconstruct individual mindfiles by
the information in their aggregate Gmail accounts and other available
information, with
sufficient accuracy for mind uploading via detailed personality
reconstruction, is available."

There is much reason to believe this is beyond the realm of plausibility.
Not as in, "we
don't have the AI for it today", but as in, "the information to do this
simply isn't there."

Does this record your day to day lives?  Not really.  (If you sincerely
disagree, chronicle
how you spend each hour of a given day, and then honestly look at your
outbox and see
how much of that is even mentioned.  Deliberately rigging the system, like
doing a diary via
email for just that one day, doesn't count: this needs to be a
representative sample of most
of your days.)

Does this record your experiences in offline conversations, or most of your
pre-email life?
Again, no.  Certain details might come up; most of it won't.  Further, it'll
be a subset of
what you remember, because you have to have remembered it at some point to
mentioned it in email.  (While you may forget something that email will
remember, even if
you spend the majority of your life with GMail, the amount that you know and
it has never
seen will remain substantial.)

This is the kind of thing a critic of the Extropians can latch onto, to
dismiss the entire
movement as "obviously woowoo pseudoscience bunk".

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