[ExI] Mind uploading via Gmail

Giulio Prisco giulio at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 16:04:35 UTC 2010

I agree that the information isn't there... today.

But suppose I keep using Gmail and similar services for 30 years,
adding geolocation, video and BCI-extracted emotional responses as new
options become available. Suppose I start adding childhood visual and
sensory memories via BCI...

Suppose all my friends do the same.

Don't you think my own Gmail account and, in a lesser measure, the
Gmail accounts of my friends, would have a lot of information about
me, orders of magnitude more than today?

My post will be interpreted by many as a joke, but to me in is (at
least half-) serious.

2010/9/28 Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com>:
> "2) AI-based mindware technology able to reconstruct individual mindfiles by
> analyzing
> the information in their aggregate Gmail accounts and other available
> information, with
> sufficient accuracy for mind uploading via detailed personality
> reconstruction, is available."
> There is much reason to believe this is beyond the realm of plausibility.
> Not as in, "we
> don't have the AI for it today", but as in, "the information to do this
> simply isn't there."
> Does this record your day to day lives?  Not really.  (If you sincerely
> disagree, chronicle
> how you spend each hour of a given day, and then honestly look at your
> outbox and see
> how much of that is even mentioned.  Deliberately rigging the system, like
> doing a diary via
> email for just that one day, doesn't count: this needs to be a
> representative sample of most
> of your days.)
> Does this record your experiences in offline conversations, or most of your
> pre-email life?
> Again, no.  Certain details might come up; most of it won't.  Further, it'll
> be a subset of
> what you remember, because you have to have remembered it at some point to
> have
> mentioned it in email.  (While you may forget something that email will
> remember, even if
> you spend the majority of your life with GMail, the amount that you know and
> it has never
> seen will remain substantial.)
> This is the kind of thing a critic of the Extropians can latch onto, to
> dismiss the entire
> movement as "obviously woowoo pseudoscience bunk".
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