[ExI] Frequency vs. quantity paleo diet again

J. Stanton js_exi at gnolls.org
Sun Apr 3 09:41:22 UTC 2011

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On 3/29/11 5:00 AM, extropy-chat-request at lists.extropy.org wrote:
> My theory is that for optimum results, instead of eating low fat foods in
> high quantities, dieters should eat high fat foods in low quantities.

Similar to Stefano, I prefer to eat high-fat foods in high quantities,
but with low *frequency*.

In fact, a low frequency of eating is beneficial in several ways, AFAIK:
intermittent fasting produces most of the same effects as calorie
restriction (beneficial autophagy, etc.), without decreasing muscle mass
or lowering energy levels (as net calorie intake is diminished far less
than with full-time CR).

Even if you're not engaging in IF, it's best not to "snack", because
ingesting food without complete protein is always catabolic to some extent:

Quantities aren't independent. Dietary guidelines that "Everyone should
eat less fat" imply "Everyone should eat more of something else". For
decades this was left unstated, and the hole left by "Stop eating fat
and cholesterol" was filled with "Eat more sugar" (i.e. "carbohydrates").

My argument is that humans have an animal-fat-based metabolism as a 
consequence of our unique evolutionary history (not a protein-based 
metabolism, like obligate carnivores), and that is why we crave fat so much:

Currently the majority of my caloric intake comes from animal fat,
primarily from fatty red meat and eggs. I've never felt better in my 
life: apparently I've been suffering from a multi-decade saturated fat 
deficiency, and am just now re-learning to eat like a human being.


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