[ExI] Frequency vs. quantity paleo diet again

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Subject: [ExI] Frequency vs. quantity paleo diet again

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We don't know why that happens.  Some servers don't play well with the
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>...Currently the majority of my caloric intake comes from animal fat,
primarily from fatty red meat and eggs. I've never felt better in my
life: apparently I've been suffering from a multi-decade saturated fat
deficiency, and am just now re-learning to eat like a human being...JS

JS if you ever want dramatic confirmation of that notion, try a four night
backpacking trip with only freeze-dried foods.  Those must be zero fat: oils
will not freeze dry.  Carry about a third of your weight on your back, walk
about 15 miles a day.  In a situation where you are burning calories like a
forest fire and eat zero fat, watch what happens to your appetite.  You will
gain an immediate insight into why so many diets have failed for so many
decades of doctors urging low-fat diets.  Patients go on the zero-fat diets
with the grim determination of suicide bomber, yet about a week later they
are reduced to failure like whimpering addict on heroine withdrawal.  

I have never dieted for weight loss, but I get this.  My own experience: I
seriously wanted to try to catch a fish out there, rip it open with my bare
hands and devour the son of a bitch raw.  My vegetarian wife objected.
After about the fourth day of zero-fat calorie burning, the hikers present a
danger to the bears.  Although we actually had sufficient calories along, I
discovered there is a subtle but important difference between *hunger* and a
craving for fat.  Those are two related but distinct feelings.  Hunger is
tolerable but fat craving is overwhelming and diet-defeating.  Discount as
necessary, coming from a bony guy who has never even attempted a weight loss
diet: humans need both calories and fat.

Too many dieters have never had the backpacking experience, and don't
understand why their weight-loss plans consistently fail.


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