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Il 07/04/2011 3.26, Adrian Tymes ha scritto:
> 2011/4/6 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
>> If you have a few days to mess around, I do encourage those who worry about
>> mankind’s future energy resources to get in a Detroit and drive out to some
>> of these desert wastelands, just to get a feel for how open and vast they
>> are.  Go down highway 395 in eastern Oregon and California, or go nearly
>> anywhere in Nevada.  Plenty of open space out there, and the land is
>> practically free.
> Save for the cost of fending off inevitable "environmentalist" lawsuits.
> The existing oil players have shown that they will astroturf large solar
> energy plants to death where they can.

They opened a large PV plant, here, near Verona (Romeo, Juliet, a big
mess, you know).
They obtained a large incentive from the government and placed
themselves over good land used for horticulture. Now they produce
electricity instead of fine food (and when I say fine, it is really fine).

PV is reasonable inside city (where it will be used offsetting the use
of power transmitted on long lines) or where fuel or lines can not be
used or are impractical.

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