[ExI] Efficiency of wind power

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Thu Apr 7 23:24:51 UTC 2011

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>> Otherwise, if we imagine the copper is formed by a neutron decay  (never
> how) the nickel atom would form copper62 which has a half life of 
> about 10 minutes.  This we can nail before we go to the trouble of 
> calculating the nucleon energy transitions.

>> Into the bit bucket with it.

>...Well, Rossi say they will install a 1MW heat modular reactor in Greece
in October. If it will deliver heat water until march to the paying
customers could we agree there is something interesting there?


>I suppose it will be an interesting summer. -- *Mirco Romanato*

Guys, did anyone every check the date on the original postings for this
whole thing?  Was it by any chance from last Friday?


I saw the funniest April Fools gag ever: a news anchor was punked into
believing someone had come up with an Ipad app that would cause the device
to emit an odor and a flavor:



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