[ExI] Efficiency of wind power

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Fri Apr 8 01:51:27 UTC 2011


>> Into the bit bucket with it.

>...Well, Rossi say they will install a 1MW heat modular reactor in 
>Greece in October. If it will deliver heat water until march to the paying
customers could we agree there is something >interesting there?


Regarding cold fusion, I do not universally treat it as a joke.  In an
autobiography called Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist, the Nobel laureate
Luis Alvarez describes an experiment they were doing at Berkeley (as I
recall from reading it over 20 yrs ago), in the mid 1950s.  They couldn't
explain it, but there appeared to be excess heat being generated.  They did
an audit of all materials in the experiment, did some nucleon end-state
energy calculations and thought they must somehow be seeing muon-catalyzed
nuclear reactions.  He writes: for a few heady hours, we thought we had
found the solution to all mankind's energy needs for all time.  (Quote
approximate, from 20+ year old memories.)

The team calculated furiously for some time, then realized the muon's life
span was too short to do what they thought might be happening.  Still,
Alvarez was at the top of his game in the mid 1950s, and he had a team of
the best minds around.  If they could be fooled, even for a few hours, I can
see how other teams can fumble as well.  A couple years after I read
Alvarez's book, Pons and Fleischmann announced they had achieved cold
fusion.  I hoped like hell they were right, but thought they were most
probably mistaken.


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