[ExI] Efficiency of wind power.

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Putting solar panels all over Arizona would not change the albedo of the earth very much, if it did you could compensate with lots of white paint... :-)

Are all of the black asphalt roofs changing the albedo substantially? If so then we already have a problem roughly equivqlent.

I like moonbeams...  The algae columns are ready for deployment today.


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On Apr 8, 2011, at 6:00 PM, Kelly Anderson wrote:
Now there is local heating, such as the well documented fact that
cities are a few degrees warmer than the surrounding country side.
This is hardly a climate issue
Of course it's a climate issue! If you change the Earth's albedo you change the climate in a fundamental way because you change the amount of energy that drives the entire show, and solar cells are black and only 20% efficient. But to be honest global warming rather bores me, I just enjoy throwing environmental arguments back at people.

As for the materials required to create solar panels, they are
working on many different alternatives. Some of my favorite are
biological, and require no special equipment. 
Moonbeams. I'm talking about technologies that we have right now that are ready to take over the MASSIVE job of driving the world's economy from fossil fuels, and like it or not I know of only one, nuclear.
 John K Clark 

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