[ExI] "Atlas Shrugged" film review

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On Apr 21, 2011 8:39 AM, "Richard Loosemore" <rpwl at lightlink.com> wrote:
> Do you know what is funny about people in the US?  They grow up with an
educational system that trains them NEVER to use their own brains to think
about something, but instead just take someone else's opinion as fact (as
long as the opinion agrees with what they want to believe).
> So, NEVER read and think about the content of a paper if its conclusion
seems to support your point of view.  Just cite it as fact.

And yet we find so many more people, per capita, who question this in the US
than in, say, China - and immigration does not seem to be able to fully
account for the difference.  I suspect your condemnation of the educational
system is overreaching.  (Some people don't think, but some people do...)

> If you read the report, and think about the methods that Groseclose and
Milyo used, you can see that the justification for why their measure should
actually correlate with the direction of bias is pathetic.

This, though, seems correct.  But then, anything claiming to rigorously
prove conservative/liberal leanings is automatically suspect: first, one
must rigorously define "conservative" and "liberal", which is notoriously
hard to do.
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