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>>> ...If the vast majority of reporters in the country decided to, say, 
>>> ignore
>> a huge accumulation of evidence pointing to the fact that Iraq has no
>> weapons of mass destruction, just before it is due to be invaded on the
>> grounds that it has WMD...Richard Loosemore
>> Reporters don't have security clearances.  Those with the clearances 
>> are not
>> at liberty to report.  See George Tenet, former director of the CIA, 
>> in his
>> explanation of the reasoning for invading Iraq, Center of the Storm.
> You did not need a security clearance to know that Iraq had no WMD + 
> delivery methods that were remotely a threat to us before the Iraq 
> invasion.  Simple examination of what we did no and a modest amount of 
> analysis would have made it quite clear with 99.99% probability of a 
> correct conclusion.   I said so at the time and was roundly criticized 
> for it or at least dismissed on the grounds that "those in the know may 
> know something we don't".    But that kind of thinking always forgives 
> and support anything any government decides to do and makes rule by the 
> people a farce.

Hnnhh.  I agree with you.  :-)

Not only did you not need a security clearance, but the head of the UN 
WMD search team gave a speech to the United Nations in which he 
carefully explained his rationale for concluding that there were not WMD 
over there.

And in addition, the New York Times later published an editorial in 
which it apologized for its behavior and said, essentially, that all the 
evidence was there in plain sight, but for some inexplicable reason they 
failed to publish it.

Heck, this case was closed years ago.

Richard Loosemore

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