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One simple stopgap measure: increased mental activity.  Like, a regimen of
one Sudoku (or more dedicated stuff, like one Brain Age session) per day.



Ja, and here's one for you: do variations on your favorite puzzles that
exercise the brain in ways that it isn't accustomed to doing.  We get too
good at certain tasks and fool ourselves because we are better than everyone
around.  But it isn't working the brain as much as we think it is.  

I suggest doing crosswords upside down.  I mean the puzzle is upside down,
not you.  

Solve sudokus where you substitute each number at the start with a letter.
But don't choose the letters A thru I, mix them.  Otherwise you get too good
at seeing 6 numbers and immediately recognizing which three are missing.
Doing the letter substitution defeats that, and makes you think like crazy.

Try to write while looking in a mirror.  You can do it after a while, but it
takes concentration, which is the whole point.

Tutor a physics or calculus student.  If you want to see how much your brain
slows by age fifty, note how quickly and accurately a sharp high schooler
can tear down thru a column of calculations, oy, you want to swat em.



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