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> One simple stopgap measure: increased mental activity.  Like, a regimen of
> one Sudoku (or more dedicated stuff, like one Brain Age session) per day.
> Adrian
> Ja, and here’s one for you: do variations on your favorite puzzles that
> exercise the brain in ways that it isn’t accustomed to doing.  We get too
> good at certain tasks and fool ourselves because we are better than everyone
> around.  But it isn’t working the brain as much as we think it is.

Yes, I also suspect that what would ordinarily lead to an improvement of
cognitive capabilities may also involve a diminished and slower loss
thereof, by helping you to make better and better use of the decreasing
number of neurons you have to do with.

After all, some room for improvement is definitely there even when neuron
loss is firmly in place simply as a consequence of aging... With Alzheimer,
it might be just the same, even though you have to run on a much more
slippery and steep slope.

Stefano Vaj
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