[ExI] "Atlas Shrugged" film review

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Fri Apr 22 04:01:11 UTC 2011

>... On Behalf Of Samantha Atkins
>> Reporters don't have security clearances.  Those with the clearances 
>> are not at liberty to report.  See George Tenet, former director of 
>> the CIA, in his explanation of the reasoning for invading Iraq, Center of
the Storm.

>...You did not need a security clearance to know that Iraq had no WMD +
delivery methods that were remotely a threat to us before the Iraq invasion.
Simple examination of what we did no and a modest amount of analysis would
have made it quite clear with 99.99% probability of a correct conclusion...

, she said with complete self-confidence.  But did she look up Tenet?  Once
you get past his annoying habit of bashing any and every conservative at any
and every opportunity, Tenet does a reasonably good job of summarizing what
we had in 2002, and how it was that people from a bunch of countries who
looked at it decided they needed to participate in the invasion.

Also note that George Piro's report came out after Tenet's book was
released.  Tenet mentions Piro on page 332 (misspelling his name) but Piro's
full report didn't come out until January 2008.  The bookmark in my copy of
Tenet has the date 1 May 2007.  I do remember that day in the San Francisco
airport when they were hauling in copies of Center of the storm.  It seemed
like every fourth traveller had his nose in a copy of that book.

Between Piro and Tenet, one gets a pretty good idea of what happened.  Both
writers blame Bush and blame Saddam more:  Saddam for faking that he was
developing nukes, Bush for falling for it.


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