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We really don't yet know how much of a boost CR will give to the human life
span. Note that both Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rose expect that CR produces
results that are closer to absolute than relative to the species.
This means, if they are correct, that humans will enjoy a quite modest
extension, nothing like decades.

I agree with Stefano about the downsides to moderate-to-severe CR. On the
other hand, I see all kinds of good reasons to practice mild-to-modest CR in
the form of intermittent fasting and portion control as part of a NeoPaleo
approach. Doing fasting while on a NeoPaleo diet is easier, because blood
sugar levels are more stable and hunger less acute.

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On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Jones Murphy <morphy at alumni.caltech.edu>wrote:

> Agreed, Stefano, that Paleo does cut calories relative to typical
> modern diets. Most people do not have anywhere near the genetic
> potential of an Olympic athlete, so I'm not clear why that's the
> standard you hold CR in particular to...? If you have miserable
> athletic potential to start with, why would you care about sacrificing
> athletic performance to spend more than marginally more years in
> comfort down the road? CR yields about 1% lifespan per 1% reduction in
> calorie intake, up to well over 60% in the studies of animals. That
> ain't marginal my friend, esp considering the quality of life, late in
> life.

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