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Wed Apr 27 18:23:51 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] death of a pv installation: was RE: How slow is

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 4:16 PM, spike wrote:
>> ...Last week he was 
> notified that if he did that, the portion of desert land he was to use 
> as a water capacitor risked being declared a wetland, and if so, it 
> couldn't be drained.  If he can't get that risk retired, the PVs will not
go in.

>...How about he gets planning permission for a reservoir?
Definition: an artificial lake where water is collected and kept in quantity
for use.
Reservoirs don't usually get declared as wetlands...BillK

That's where he is now, but it isn't clear having the planning commission
declare the area a reservoir would necessarily protect him from determined
anti-solar environmentalists.  Planning commissions are usually state level,
whereas EPA regs are federal.  It isn't clear to me what happens if they
conflict.  There are many different kinds of environmentalists as well:
anti-solar, anti-wind, anti-coal, anti-nuke, anti-everything, anti-{power
tech that competes with ones own favorite.}  It looks to me like one must
contend with some protest group regardless of what tech one chooses to
generate power.

Now we have an energy czar (Van Jones) who wants to confer human rights on
the planet earth.  I can't tell if that is a promotion from a dead rock or a
demotion from the goddess Gaia. 

Either way, oil and coal are mostly legally grandfathered, so I fear we will
burn those until they are no more, regardless of the consequences. 


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