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>.You guys know language.  spike

>.I would like a nongendered singular pronoun that isn't the awkward
fumbling "his or her"

Interesting point, ja.

>."A gender-agnostic writer should have a word to express his or her idea
without focusing on either 'his' or 'her' gender."
(though I especially love self-referential sentences like the one above or
like this one)

Me too.  I like sentences that say me, when the me refers to the actual
sentence.  Example:  I am a true statement, so write me early and often.

>.My wife would add that "you guys" as the plural form of you is
unacceptable - ." as in "Let me get you guys's check" 

Agree.  What we have is clumsy any way it is done.  We use the feminine
pronouns as gender specific, whereas the masculine pronouns are ambiguous
gender.   At any mixed table, it is considered OK to say you guys, but if
even one man is present, never acceptable to say you ladies.  Spanish has
something pretty similar, and perhaps other languages too.  Europeans, does
your language have an analogous situation?

I have tried to reverse it by using she and her as a gender ambiguous
pronoun, but it hasn't caught on much.



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