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In light of our recent discussion of lubrication, check out the first minute
of this video:





A very thin laminar flow of water trapped beneath the skimboard and the sand
creates a nearly frictionless interface, which allows the boarder to do
something that looks impossible.  A good rider can skim fifty meters or
more, and if you have the right kind of board, you can spin it around, do
tricks and so forth.


This brings back fond memories of riding a skimboard on the beach in my
misspent youth.  In my teenage years, I had access to an excellent place for
this, Cocoa Beach.  In some ways riding a skim board is more fun than riding
a surfboard: you get more rides in a given length of time, you don't spend
as much time paddling out, you have less risk of hitting a swimmer, more
physically challenging, better exercise, and on the Florida east coast, the
waves are seldom any good anyway because it is too far inside a big
continental shelf.  


Besides that, I never was worth a damn at surfing, but I was good on a
skimboard, better than anyone I knew because I understood something
important: the skimboard works best when there is almost no water left.  If
the water is about half a centimeter depth or less, you go like there is no
friction at all, and the spectators go wild.  Plenty of them are from New
Joisey and have never seen anyone ride a skimboard.  It's a hoot!  They even
laugh with a funny accent.






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