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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 08:13:06 UTC 2011

David Lubkin wrote:
Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the death of my father,
Dr. Yale Jay Lubkin. Mathematician, professor, electrical
and aerospace engineer, farmer, failed politician in two countries,
inventor, columnist, writer, colonel in military intelligence,
competitive pistol shooter, 4 SD intellect, father of thirteen
extraordinary kids, unquenchable punster, political advisor,
humorist, Zionist from Flatbush; inventor of the Permissive Action
Link; pioneer in drone aircraft, microwaves, electronic warfare,
acoustics, speech recognition; amateur photographer, sf reader,
and dozens more descriptors.

I am very sad to hear about the loss of your father, even ten years after
the event.  I suspect I may be losing my own fairly soon.

Your dad seems to have been a real renaissance man!  And thirteen kids...
Wow!  I have an uncle that I never got to meet, who was in some ways cut
from similar cloth.  He was an IBM Fellow, and I also think inducted into an
engineering hall of fame.  But did I inherit "good at math" genes?  Nope!

>Lots to like. Lots not to. But certainly not someone you'd ever

Yeah, I know about that...

Best wishes,

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