[ExI] Requieum

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Mon Aug 15 01:10:04 UTC 2011

Giulio wrote:

>I am sorry to hear that your father is no longer with us David, but
>from your description I see that he has lived a really rich, full and
>productive life, much more intense and probably much more fun than
>most of us. Here is to Dr. Yale Jay Lubkin!

Thanks, Giulio. He was, actually, deeply frustrated, because his ideas
that saw fruition were a fraction of the good ones he'd had. *I* have a
knack for seeing a products and services that will be needed in
18 months. Just enough time to get them done just as people realize
they need them. *He* kept inventing things decades before anyone
wanted them, that eventually made other people billions.

*That* seems to be the family curse -- my grandfather, my father,
and I have all invented things that made *other people* rich.

But it was inspiring to grow up surrounded by a bevy of talented
people. I just *assumed* I would do something cool myself, because
everyone around me did.

Then as an adult, I found other coteries to draw from, like my extropian
family, as smart, gifted, and odd as the one I was born into.

-- David.

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