[ExI] super bowl

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Feb 5 16:08:12 UTC 2011

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There are some here who might think sports are not a transhumanist topic,
but I would strongly disagree.  The technology, wealth and public interest
in the phenomena make it something that will evolve as humanity continues to
do so.  Cybernetically and genetically enhanced humans...

John  : )

I think of football as a wonderful test-bed to study the effects of
cumulative damage to the brains caused by multiple concussions.  If we used
it correctly, the sport could supply us with a living laboratory for the
effects of various steroids, their short term and long term effects.  If
that information were made available, I would see the entire enterprise as
most worthwhile.  Of course I can imagine that particular sport as a great
place to test mechanical human enhancements, such as exoskeletons.  I can
even imagine football being played by teams of advanced robots.  Even *I*
would pay money to see that.  But not in the stadium.  I figure it is only a
matter of time before the radicalized Mormons realize a crowded stadium is a
fine target, the most obvious point at which to wage an economic war against
the infidel.


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