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Spike wrote:


>>In any case it would be far preferable to government takeover of


>Is there a difference? When governments and corporations merge, does it
matter who made the first move? .


Oh my, yes, a huge critically important difference.  In my view, often
called minarcho-capitalist, he purpose of government is to support people in
the creation of wealth.  I recognize it has some minimal duties in
redistributing wealth already created (to some extent) but I read the US
constitution and see little in there in regard.  Wealth creation is the key
to making a nation and its people prosperous.


My notion is to have the executive branch of government filled with people
who have served as executives in industry.  There is inherent mischief in
bringing over legislators.  This last go-around in 2008, the two major
parties gave us the choice of former legislators, neither of whom had
executive experience.  Agree it depends on how it is viewed.  The press had
us believe Sarah Palin was the actual candidate, and she had *some*
executive experience as a business owner and Alaska governor, but I was
shocked to learn she was actually running for VP on that ticket.  No one
ever heard of the guy who was running for president on that ticket, but I
understand he was a legislator with little or no executive experience.


I would counter-propose that my vote for president would require executive
experience and demonstrated success, as a corporate CEO or state governor.


>Don't mean to sound testy, or confrontational, Spike. I have a bit of a bee
in my bonnet about what seems to be a widespread misunderstanding of exactly
what fascism is and how easily it could happen again. The U.S. congress has
a fasces engraved on a wall somewhere inside, by the way. Don't know its
history, or what genius decided it was a good idea, but it has always made
me wonder. 


No problem Darren, by all means your commentary is welcome and not at all
confrontational.  There is no point in trying to pin down the definition of
terms such as fascist and nazi.  These have for so long been used as
universal insults and blanket condemnations that they eventually lose all
meaning from overuse.  There is no point in trying to refocus the definition
on mid 19th century political systems; the terms have been worn out and


>.Don't know its history, or what genius decided it was a good idea, but it
has always made me wonder. darren


Watch as California goes into historic conniptions to try to balance its
hopeless budget.  The lessons we need here is that industry is our friend,
that wealth creation is our salvation, that business needs to be encouraged
and nurtured, that political power should follow wealth as opposed to the
other way around.  Money is good.  Desire for money is a predictable and
trustworthy human motivator.  Lack of money is the root of all evil.






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