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Spike wrote:


>>I would counter-propose that my vote for president would require executive
experience and demonstrated success, as a corporate CEO or state governor.<


>Are you familiar with the enfant terrible of Harvard history and
socio-economics, the brit Niall Ferguson?


Have not.  I will google that.


> I heard a lecture by him once, where he said all the first rate talent
flows into industry and all the second rate talent scurries into politics,
mostly because of earning potential.


Yes there is that, but I have reason to hope.  Read on:


>You'd probably like what he has to say. I don't. But then I'm so socialist
I have to go right to get left.Darren


Ja, I am cool with that.  I am so upwing I would need to come down to go
either left or right.


Be that as it may, I recognize that in the US at least, the two statist
parties will be winning every election for the foreseeable, so here's the
way I view it.  It is perfectly clear to me that the best executive talent
goes where it can make money, which explains why we get mostly the B
students going for public office.  But we also recognize that the value of
the book written by a former government official largely makes up for the
loss of pay suffered during the years of service.  People are *still* buying
Jimmy Carter's books.  


Recently I notice it has become fashionable for anyone who was anywhere in
government to record their experiences on dead trees.  The higher the rank
of the author, the better for sales.  I notice one of the contenders for
California governor was the former eBay CEO and jillionaire Meg Whitman.
Clearly she could have made waaay more money doing anything else, but went
into that campaign using mostly her own money.  She is still young, so let's
see what happens in the next election.  California governor is the logical
springboard into national office.









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