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Sat Feb 19 17:10:22 UTC 2011

spike wrote:
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>>> Somalia is an example of anarchy, Olga, not libertarian.  Two very
> different things.  spike
>> Only different to those who cannot understand the inevitable end-point of
> libertarianism.  :-)
>> Richard Loosemore
> The description of complex systems cannot be reduced to a bumper sticker.
> But this is one rare example of a case where the refutation can *almost* be
> bumper-sticker-ized:
> Chaos is the endpoint not of libertarianism but rather the endpoint of its
> opposite, totalitarianism.  

Factually inaccurate, I would say:

Example 1:   Soviet Union (totalitarian) -> Boris  Yeltsin (short 
interregnum) -> Russia Under Putin (totalitarianism again).

Example 2:   Iran under Shah (totalitarian) -> Revolution (short 
interregnum) -> Iran under the Mullahs (totalitarianism again).

Example 3:   Iraq under Saddam Hussein (totalitarian) -> US Invasion 
Period (short interregnum) -> Iraq under Corrupt Shia Government with 
Rigged Elections (totalitarianism again, or heading fast in that direction).

Example 4:   Germany under Hitler (totalitarian) -> 2nd World War (long 
interregnum during which GDR was totalitarian and West Germany was 
deomcratic) -> Eventually United Germany (Democracy).

This is really not looking good for your bumper sticker.

Richard Loosemore

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