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I also understand that political discussions were for a time here verboten
because of some messiness that had occurred in the past. I'm glad that's not
the case now. I believe politics, and particularly the economic outlooks
that come with them, could not be more relevant to the transhumanist schema.




We haven't really had a libertarian discussion here for a good while.  In
light of Darren's comments above, I propose a temporary open season on the
specific topic of transhumanism and libertarianism.  Free number of posts on
all that for five days, and please don't let me down: post stuff that is
well-reasoned, humor and even sarcasm allowed, but do keep it respectful and
free of personal attack of those with differing or opposing political points
of view.  As the open season on Watson draws to a close, post away for a few
days on "Call to Libertarians."


I think we can handle this like transhumanists in which we may take pride.


Play ball!



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