[ExI] Call To Libertarians

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun Feb 20 03:29:47 UTC 2011

Extropy has no built in politics. That is why I am an extropian and not a
libertarian, democrat, republican, green or whatever.  I am only for human
rights and the right to enhance.
I am not an atheist.  I don't bother with religion. I value empathy more
than religion or politics.
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Natasha wrote: 

  > I am an Extropian and NOT a libertarian!!@!!!@<

So does that mean Extropianism has a built-in political philosophy? I'm
assuming it's not libertarianism, from the discussion here today. :) My
original question was about the relation between libertarianism and
technological progress in the transhumanist sense. I did the reading you all
suggested. But is there a political and economic philosophy that
transhumanists are more likely to champion because it furthers technological

I don't expect consensus on this. But I'm curious about it, and have been
since I joined this group. We certainly have no problem discussing religion.
I know, for example, that most of us are atheists. What about, as Spike
suggested in his let's-have-an-open-season-on-libertarianism suggestion,


There is no history, only biography.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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