[ExI] Call To Libertarians

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compassion, human rights, and empathy are of course great ideals, the pinnacle of any civilized society. however capitalism is going to be rendered useless in the future because it is destructive in nature. capitalism creates a world-wide "race to the bottom" of wages. i could say more but that sums it up for me.

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Extropy has no built in politics. That is why I am an 
extropian and not a libertarian, democrat, republican, green or whatever.  
I am only for human rights and the right to enhance.
I am not an atheist.  I don't bother with religion. I 
value empathy more than religion or politics.
Natasha Vita-More

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Natasha wrote:

  > I am an Extropian and NOT a 

So does that mean Extropianism has a 
built-in political philosophy? I'm assuming it's not libertarianism, from the 
discussion here today. :) My original question was about the relation between 
libertarianism and technological progress in the transhumanist sense. I did the 
reading you all suggested. But is there a political and economic philosophy that 
transhumanists are more likely to champion because it furthers technological 

I don't expect consensus on this. But I'm curious about it, and have been 
since I joined this group. We certainly have no problem discussing religion. I 
know, for example, that most of us are atheists. What about, as Spike suggested 
in his let's-have-an-open-season-on-libertarianism suggestion, politics?


There is 
no history, only biography.

Waldo Emerson

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