[ExI] jop search, was RE: Acceptance Into Math Program

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Feb 20 20:45:13 UTC 2011

... On Behalf Of Adrian Tymes
>And that's all he asked about, picking away at my not being a master of
design patterns.
>I have rarely been so grateful not to get a job I had tried to get.

I am tempted to write a book about job search nightmares.  Last week I saw a
posting go up in which I was able to figure out who had written the
requisition.  I posted a note to him the day after the requisition went up
on the job board, and learned that the job had already been filled.

Coincidentally the same day, I saw a requisition go up which used a
nonstandard acronym without definition.  I googled with quotation marks
around the exact acronymed skill they were listing as a requirement.  I got
exactly three hits.  One was a typo.  The other two were found on two
different versions of a resume of the same guy.  I was tempted to post the
guy a note of congratulations on his new position, the same day the
requisition went on the external board.


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