[ExI] ripping off a book nobody's read

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun Feb 20 22:00:33 UTC 2011


I suppose I should be grateful that someone cares enough to pirate my 
recent novel QUIPU... (and now that the pirated version exists, extropes 
should not hesitate to download the thing, should the impulse move anyone):

The piracy is even somewhat recursive, for as the note at the end states:


An earlier and very different limited edition version of Quipu appeared 
in Australia under the title Transmitters, published handsomely by 
Russell and Jenny Blackford at Ebony Press, and generously supported by 
a grant from the Literature Board of the Australia Council. I am 
delighted to have the opportunity now to reimagine and broaden the 
background of my characters.

I have never been a member of Mensa nor any other of the well-known high 
I.Q. social organizations. Quipu is not a roman a clef. Ingenious 
readers might attempt to match up my hapless characters with real 
people; it is a fruitless endeavor, for my benighted rogues are 
constructs, like the quipu world they create and inhabit. Bad luck, 
Brian. Even so, I gladly acknowledge my absolute debt to the horde of 
fanzine writers, editors and illustrators who've enlivened my mailbox 
and my life over the past 40 years.

I am delighted to witness here the inclusion of certain passages 
(something borrowed, you might say) written in their first draft by my 
good friend and frequent collaborator, Rory Barnes--Valencies, Zones, 
Stuck in Fast Forward, The Book of Revelation, Transcension, The Hunger 
of Time, I'm Dying Here--which appear here with his kind permission. 
These appropriated passages were originally offcuts, in fact, from the 
Ur-manuscript of our first joint novel, Valencies, and I could not bear 
to let them go undisplayed when they fit so wonderfully into my emerging 
scheme for this novel. Thanks, cobber.>

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