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The current US system already incarcerates more people per capita than any other prison system in the history of the world. Almost 2% of the adult population. The answer from my POV is to have fewer laws. For example decriminalize drugs ... Both prescription and illicit... And you will reduce the prison population over night.


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>>> Would it be more accurate, then, to say that Libertarianism is

>>> about


>> SUPPORTING the government funding of:


>>> Roads, Bridges, Police, Firefighters, Prisons,...

Some libertarians go so far as to shorten this list to Army, Courts

and Police. There is no reason today for all roads not to be toll

roads IMHO. Why not regulate, then privatize prisons?
Because it creates an incentive to incarcerate people? The more people in prison, the more profits from prison management. 
 The first fire

station in America was a libertarian establishment founded by Benjamin

Franklin. Buy fire insurance from us, and we'll fight the fire when

your house goes up. If not, we'll come and protect your insured

neighbors. THAT is libertarianism at its farthest point.

Wow. I don't know how to say this without sounding offensive, but this is remarkably similar to how the mafia operates in southern Italy. Buy protection from us, and we'll make sure that nothing happens to your business. If not, don't call us when some random guy happens to start a fire on your door or your delivery truck in the middle of the night...




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