[ExI] Same Sex Marriage (was Re: Call To Libertarians)

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Wed Feb 23 15:50:27 UTC 2011

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Subject: [ExI] Same Sex Marriage (was Re: Call To Libertarians)

>...Hi... My name is Kelly... and I'm a libertarian...

Welcome Kelly!

>... I have polygamists in my family...

Me too.  My second and third wives are polygamists.  If they don't cut it
out, I may hafta divorce them.

>...If I as an employer extend health insurance to the family of the
employee, do I have to then pay for insurance for his ten "spouses"?

The real problem isn't even the ten spouses, it's the 70 children.
Especially now, when you are being required to keep those "children" on the
insurance policy until they are aged 26.

>...If you say you're OK with gay people being married, but have a problem
with polygamous or polyandrous relationships, I think you've got some
'splainin ta do... -Kelly

OK, here's my splanation:  What really costs money for the government and
the employer is the children.  Same sex couples are less likely to breed.
If it's two men, they can only adopt, which actually removes a cost from the
government.  As a kind of an affirmative action, I propose about ten years
when only same-sex are allowed to marry.  Simultaneously I propose removal
of all requirements for employers to offer health insurance, and removal of
all legal restrictions on health insurance companies.  With those changes, a
bunch of old problems go away.  Granted there are new ones, but we can deal.

Government needs to be out of the marriage business.  That whole tax filing
as married business needs to go too.  Once that tax arrangement is
eliminated, family groups can assemble in any size or mix of gender they
want, which to me is how it should be.  I recognize it really does introduce
new problems, and yes I know we have a subculture which would force underage
girls into marrying their elderly relatives.  But I think we can solve that.


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