[ExI] Same Sex Marriage (was Re: Call To Libertarians)

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 17:47:08 UTC 2011

2011/2/23 Darren Greer <darren.greer3 at gmail.com>:
> That is far from a uniform sentiment among the gay men I know. Maybe I hang
> out with iconoclasts,  but many of them couldn't care less about a marriage
> certificate.. What they do care about is health coverage, tax benefits, and
> not having the in-laws of your partner who haven't talked to you or him for
> ten ten years march in the day after he dies and claim the furniture, the
> house and even the dog because neither they nor the government recognize
> your right to sleep and live with and love who you wish.

Yes. The point would be of course that of liberalising succession law,
not of extending access to marriage.

I appreciate the feelings of "discrimination" a gay may perceive in
its ability to have a same-sex, formally monogamous, theoretically
long-term, relationship "blessed", but let us say that there is a law
preventing minors to send themselves as slaves, contrary to everybody
else. I do not mean to compare marriage of any kind with slavery, but
what would be the point to fight for its abrogation? What would
prevent a minor to act "as if"?

As a second best, I am all in favour of making the social norms
involved in marriage simply implode by allowing gay, incestuous,
chaste, pedophilic, poligynic, polyandric, group, post-mortem,
inter-species weddings. Nice ceremonies are not to be denied to

Stefano Vaj

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